BEST Course on Technology

30th June – 8th July

Master the game of learning

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Uputstvo za pisanje 
motivacionog pisma

What is Unreal Engine?

It's a development environment for creating games and graphically impressive 3D worlds in real time. It provides tools for managing advanced animations, particles, materials, lights, creating characters and adding interactivity.

The technology was developed by Epic Games and has since found application in the video game industry, architectural visualization, VR/AR applications and many other areas.

What awaits you at the course?

The goal of the course is to introduce students to the basic terminology and methodology of Reinforcement Learning (What it is? Why is it important? What problems does it solve?).

The entire course will be organized around a single Use Case through which the students will be able to reflect on the capabilities and limitations of different methodologies.

For good atmosphere and mood, we have prepared for you numerous social activities where we will have the opportunity to meet, socialize and fill these 9 days with unforgettable memories.

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dr Neda Milić Keresteš
Docent na Fakultetu tehničkih nauka
dr Bojan Banjanin
Asistent sa doktoratom na 
Fakultetu tehničkih nauka
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