About the course

Academic information

The aim of the seminar is to get to learn the development environment of Unreal Engine and its tools for the development of games and graphically impressive 3D worlds in real time.

The seminar is intended for everyone who has basic knowledge in the field of 3D modeling and wants to gain theoretical and practical foundations for the production of interactive 3D content, regardless of whether the content is created for video games, architectural visualization or VR/AR applications. Due to the nature of the Unreal Engine platform being multidisciplinary, the seminar is designed to provide participants with insight into basic Unreal Engine tools and techniques including preparing and inserting asset from external programs, creating a game world, working with editors of materials, particles, leaves and terrain, work with lights, working with animations, creating characters and user interfaces, as well as adding interactivity through a blueprint visual programming system.

The structure of the seminar is set so that the participants acquire the stated competencies through the development of a specific 3D video game project from the project setting to the executive version of the game.

The lecturers will be professors from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. 

Information for participants

Criteria for selection of participants: The selection of participants will be based on motivation letters and answers to questions when filling out the application form.

Arrangement for participants

Academic activities
Food: Three meals (at least one hot meal)
Transport: Public transport 
Part of social activities: socializing and weekend trip

General information

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Organizer: BEST Novi Sad
Est. working time: 23 hours
ECTS credits issued: 0.5
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Participation fee

Fee: 40 euros
Deposit: 20-60 euros
The fee and deposit varies based on the country from which the student is coming from. More information regarding this can be found here.
The deposit is returned after the course and it serves as a confirmation that the participant will be attend to the course. 


Applications were closed on 13th March 23:00 CET. 
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